Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Sugar Free and No Sugar Added?

Sugar Free Truffles – This is a collection of our most popular sugar free truffles.

No Sugar Added – This assortment features a collection of truffles, caramels, peanut butter cups, and nut clusters. The collection does have a few grams of sugar because some ingredients like nuts, milk, and coconut contain sugar. Sweet Shop USA does not add sugar to the product. We recommend that the consumer consult their physician and avoid excessive consumption. (more than 6 pieces in one setting)

Are Sweet Shop USA products Kosher?

Our products are officially certified Orthodox Union Kosher Certification. All products are considered Dairy.

How long will it take to receive my order?

You can choose at checkout which type of shipping you would prefer

What types of credit cards are accepted for payment method?

We accept all major credit cards. 

No P.O. Boxes may be used for shipping.

Customer Acceptance:
As our customer you understand, agree, acknowledge and accept all of the Terms and Conditions of Sale set forth herein. You further understand, agree, acknowledge and accept that placing your order with us by phone, facsimile, email, and U.S. mail or through our sales representatives is your confirmation to us of your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. It is further understood that Sweet Shop USA will accept no orders that are intended to modify these Terms and Conditions nor may any person acting on behalf of Sweet Shop USA, modify any of these Terms and Conditions unless done so in writing and signed by a duly authorized officer of Sweet Shop USA. Damaged Shipments: Any Visible Damage requires the Federal Express and UPS acknowledgement in writing when possible.  You must inform our Customer Care Department within 48 hours and keep ALL packaging and related materials. Any Concealed Damages also require notifying Customer Care within 48 hours as well as an inspection by our sales representative or photos whenever possible. Do not return any items without a Return Authorization Number issued by our Customer Care Department. A 20% restocking fee will be charged for all refused orders and all returns, which were shipped in accordance with customer’s instructions, without a return authorization.

Non-Delivered Shipments: On occasion, there are shipments that could not be delivered. The reasons for non-delivery: Business not open, closed or moved (carrier will not forward), incorrect address, unavailability or refusal of a person to accept delivery and carrier error. If Sweet Shop USA is at fault for failing to adhere to the criteria on the Confirmation Order, we will assume all product and freight cost that relate to our error. If Sweet Shop USA is NOT at fault and adhered to the instructions on the Order Confirmation, the customer assumes all costs related to the order plus an additional charge of $25.00. Due to the perishable nature of our products, Sweet Shop USA is responsible for the First Delivery Attempt Only.

Freight Charges: Our primary carrier is Federal Express and all shipments are FOB Mt. Pleasant, Texas. For service to the 48 contiguous United States, the freight charges are a percentage of your order in excess of $300.00 (See Ground Freight Rate Table). All orders less than $300 must pay actual freight charges. Customers requiring Air Service (Next Day, 2nd Day, and 3rd Day) will be charged Federal Express or UPS Published Rates and charges will be determined at the time of shipment.

What is the Shelf Life of our product?

Gift packages are 4-12 months depending on the storage temperature. Bulk chocolate in refrigerated showcases is 3-12 months.  Note: products with exposed nutmeats (i.e. Brags®) have a shelf life of 4-6 months. All sugar free and no sugar added products have a shelf life of 3-4 months. The shelf life on Mrs. Weinstein’s toffee is 6 months.

What is a Truffle?

As it relates to chocolate, a Sweet Shop USA Truffle is a chocolate center with either one or two coatings of chocolate. Sweet Shop USA has developed recipes for a velvet-soft, smooth center, without the course, grainy mouth-feel. The centers are made of chocolate liquor, real butter, and fresh whipping cream. Each center is hand-formed and hand-dipped in coatings of chocolate, and then personally signed or decorated by the dipper, to identify the piece. A Sweet Shop grand truffle is usually identifiable by its size, each piece weighing approximately 1.5 oz.

What is the difference between milk, white & dark chocolate?

Milk Chocolate chocolate that has milk blended into its formula to lighten the taste from dark to milk.

White Chocolate produced with a blend of cocoa butter, milk & sugar. The brown chocolate liquor or paste does not enter into its composition.

Dark Chocolate the darker chocolate has little or no milk in its formula and is the closest to the original cocoa bean. Very dark chocolate is also called bittersweet or semi-sweet depending on its blend.

Does chocolate have caffeine?

Yes, but a minimal amount. Approximately 40 of our .05 oz pieces of chocolate would equal one cup of coffee. Natural chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which acts as a stimulant. This is what accounts for the typical “chocolate fix”.

What is the difference between Fudge Love & the Fudge Love Truffle?

Fudge Love is made in three sizes: .50 oz, .75 oz, and 1.5 oz. It has a rich, creamy fudge center and a taste similar to fudge with chopped pecans in the coating. The Fudge Love Truffle is the exact same fudgy center, however the coating is double dipped and does not include pecans.

How many pieces of chocolate per pound?

The number of pieces per pound will vary slightly, due to the hand-dipping process, as will the actual weight of each piece. A very good approximation is:

1.5 oz. Size = 10 – 11 Pieces per pound (includes, Brags, Truffles, Cluster Bars)

.75 oz. Size = 21 – 22 Pieces per pound (includes, Fudge Love & Mini Truffles)

1 oz. Size = 16 Pieces per pound (includes, Haystacks, Peanut Butter Cups,etc..)

What is the difference between Hand-made & Machine made Chocolate?

The hand-made process clearly allows for more creativity. The Sweet Shop invests in people who take painstaking care and pay close attention to detail when handcrafting gourmet chocolates. Early each morning, our staff begins mixing and beating truffle centers until the right consistency is achieved. The hand-rolled centers are then immersed into individual beds of white, milk or dark chocolate. The result is a unique texture, look and taste that are unique to Sweet Shop USA chocolates.

Quality chocolates should accomplish certain requirements when tasted:

                It should break down immediately, leaving no aftertaste.

                There should not be a waxy or grainy feel on the roof of your mouth

                When you are finished with the piece, the taste in your mouth should not change.


A machine process would require cooking the centers at a higher temperature. Cooking at higher temperatures causes the break down of flavors and the texture to be less smooth. It requires the use of emulsifiers to stabilize the chocolate as it moves across high-speed machinery.

Should the chocolates be refrigerated?

Usually normal storage temperature (68-72°F) will maintain the chocolates. There are no added preservatives in our chocolates, they are affected by humidity and temperature. If the chocolate gets too warm or too cold, it may begin to “bloom”. This is a graying appearance and makes the piece unattractive but does not affect the taste or quality.

Can chocolate be frozen?

Yes! Most chocolate centers will be fine. We do not, however, freeze any of our chocolates. They are made fresh to order.

Will the chocolate be affected by freezing it?

No, as long as proper care is taken. When freezing chocolate, place it in two plastic bags before freezing. When chocolate is removed from the freezer, let it warm up to room temperature while still in the bags for 24 hours. In some cases, the chocolate may have a graying or dull appearance, but this does not affect the taste or quality. Freezing chocolate with caramel centers is not recommended.

How should I mail chocolate?

The care in mailing chocolate depends upon the time of year. Between October and March, it is possible to ship via first class mail with proper packing of the box. Shipping chocolate in weather as warm as above 75F° is not recommended without shipping in Styrofoam containers packed with ice.

Do I need to refrigerate boxed chocolates?

Gift packages and bulk chocolates do not need refrigeration; normal store temperature (68-72°F) will protect the product. Each box is shrink wrapped, which protects the freshness. Do not store chocolate in direct sunlight.