Handmaking Process
Sweet Shop USA invests in people who take painstaking care and pay close attention to detail when handcrafting our gourmet chocolates, making each handcrafted piece a uinque work of art. Beginning at 5:00 a.m. daily, our staff begins mixing and beating truffle centers until the right consistency is achieved. The hand rolled centers are then immersed into individual beds of white, milk or dark chocolate coatings. The result is a unique texture, look and taste only hand-made products can provide. 
Our quality handmade chocolates will accomplish certain requirements when tasted:
  •  It should break down immediately, leaving no aftertaste.
  •  There should not be a waxy or grainy feel on the roof of your mouth
  •  When you are finished with the piece, the taste in your mouth should not change.

Each handcrafted piece will truly amaze with every single bite.